Mudda ‘n’ Law Foods.

Gourmet Products of Trinidad and Tobago


A company founded by me, Veeda Gobin, in 2008, was born out of the love for my  Indo Caribbean Culture and passion for cooking every single dish with great taste and flavor!  Growing up in Trinidad, Peppersauce making is deemed an Art, we all have a ‘special’ method to our homemade concoction!

 Having been brought up by hardworking Grandparents with  Indentured ‘roots’, I clearly remember them toiling in the sugarcane fields and then  heading to their garden to plant produce for the ‘market’! It was my grandmothers use of garden fresh produce and ‘fireside’ style cooking that introduced me to methods and techniques that were meant to infuse foods with the undeniable magic of  marrying Caribbean herbs and exotic Indian Spices! This always culminated in meals that were hearty and filled with love! Carrying on her traditions, I promise you A variety of Peppersauce, Chutneys and Marinades that are steeped in culture  and made with the secret recipes that were handed down to me by my ‘Moyah’.. thats what I lovingly called her! She is no more, but her legacy lives on !

My promise to you is to always give you in every single jar or bottle a product that is Anything but Ordinary’!



Big on flavor! All natural ingredients no Gluten!

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